Hello and welcome to my website, portfolio, blog, and simply just my dumping grounds for all things that pertain to my life! Starting off 2020 right by finally showcasing my content from photography to graphic design to anything that fosters from this noggin of mine. I know what you’re thinking, another overly ambitious millennial using the phrase “new year, new me” just to make it seem like they’ve changed.. but this year is definitely different; I can feel it.

Whether you believe me or not, I welcome you to keep an open mind just like me and hopefully be inspired and influenced to grow not only as a creative, but a human being as well. Over the years I’ve exerted a lot of my energy on people and things that inhibited my growth, which I’m looking to refocus into positive things that cultivate progress instead. I caught myself starting to fall in the same pattern and quickly needed to switch gears.

This past year has certainly been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and events. Despite a few temporary roadblocks, the universe lined up for me in the latter part of the year and I began a new chapter in my life. Finding my ride or die, getting a new job, and moving to San Diego. All of these things occupied a majority of my time and energy, but I can finally shift my focus after settling into my new apartment.

I’m thankful for my past, whether good or bad, because it’s shaped me into the person I’ve become. There isn’t really much of a plan going forward, but I’m merely going to continue doing me and take it one step at a time. Excited to share my work on a bigger platform and appreciate anyone looking to come along for the ride!

Let’s get it.

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