Nike Hip-Hop Lyrics Advertisement

Sneakers have always been an integral part of hip-hop culture. You can practically find it embedded in everything from the song lyrics, music videos, movies, commercials, and even magazines. However, companies these days have strayed away from traditional advertising and have since adapted to modern day advertising through social media instead.

Companies are more likely to gift a hip-hop artist some shoes over spending a lump sum of money for an advertisement because celebrities are essentially walking billboards. The ultimate goal of this project is to show companies that traditional forms of advertising are still necessary in today’s world. These forms of advertising go beyond materialism and provoke deeper thoughts that make an everlasting impact

My intent with this project is to bring two of my favorite things, hip-hop and sneakers, together in an advertisement that showcases both my photography and typography capabilities. The inspiration is a nod to Nike’s vintage advertisements from the 1980s with their mix of typefaces contrasted on grandeur photographs of shoes and athletes.