Agenda 2020

Today’s society relies almost entirely on our smartphones and I’m criminally guilty of this as well. My calendar, my contacts, and my notes are all managed on my phone.. however, that same phone also runs social media apps, games, and other countless distractions that hinder my productivity.

In an effort to pretend like I have my life together, I decided to purchase a physical daily planner. Even though technology has made planning my daily life easier, I wouldn’t necessarily say it made it better. Similar to how music deviated away from vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CDs into digital MP3 players. Analog went from being the norm to becoming a niche that catered to people who appreciated the novelty of handling inanimate objects because you just can’t emulate that feeling digitally.

Opening a book and feeling the texture of the paper while turning the pages. Sifting through various colored pens and feeling them press against the surface of a planner. Creating visually appealing layouts by color coding events and drawing illustrations. These little details might not seem like much to some people, but it means the world to others because they simply can’t be replicated in a digital format that evokes the same emotions.

An indirect benefit is actually practicing my handwriting. It’s rather easy to lose my touch with lettering, especially in this digital age, so honing my typography skills in any capacity is crucial to maintaining this ability. Getting creative with illustrating my schedule definitely makes it seem less of a chore and more like an art project. This entire process practically engrains my schedule in my memory, so forgetting important events rarely happens.

I’m definitely loving my daily planner and highly suggest anyone to invest in one for their own personal life as it can only make it better. The current state of the world while we deal with the coronavirus pandemic has pretty much emptied my schedule as places are temporarily being closed and events are getting postposed or even canceled. However, that’s a different topic for a different day..

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