Fuji Switch-Up

How It All Started
I’ve always had an infatuation for cameras tracing back to my childhood. I remember having fond memories of playing around with my parent’s Polaroid camera and being quite amazed by the device. That feeling I got as my photo developed while I shook that Polaroid back and forth was quite magical. It wasn’t until college that my passion for photography really took off after taking my first class. It was a black & white film photography class and it really got my feet wet with understanding cameras. The entire process of taking a photo from conception to creation is especially rewarding in film photography. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, film, dark room, processing, framing, etc. were all new terms for me and while it was a bit overwhelming at first, I loved every minute of it.
Going Digital
Other than a couple cheap digital cameras for personal use, my experience in the digital realm was limited. Started using a friend’s DSLR camera for a project a couple of years back and it took some getting used to how things operated. Changing camera settings exclusively through the screen felt foreign to me because those settings were acessible externally on a film camera with the knobs and rings.
Why Fuji?
My entry-level Nikon DSLR did the job just fine, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was missing something. After scouring review after review I settled for one system that really appealed to me and that was in Fujifilm. The one common thing in which the majority of the user reviews mentioned was that switching to Fujifilm made them fall in love with photography again. I honestly feel like I lost the passion I once had for photography because of my DSLR. It just became a hassle to bring around

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